Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/A Volatile Situation



The Sindaccos want to take out the Leone casino! You have to stop them. This is probably your first very hard mission. You have to have some big guns to beat this mission. So go down to Ammu-Nation and buy the biggest gun they have. Go to the yellow marker and you will get a phine call from JD. He says that they are coming with cars with bombs to destroy the casino. The first 2 waves come in normal Sindacco cars. A guy will come out and you have to shoot him to stop him form putting the bomb on the wall. The next car that comes will be a Patriot. The same thing will happen. A guy will get out and you will have to shoot him. The fourth and final wave is a big truck rigged with a bomb. when they come and get out steal the truck and drive it as far away as possible. When the meter is full get out and run like heck. Once the bomb explodes you have beaten the mission.


  • There is an AK-47 a couple roofs over from Jd's. So go up his back stairs and hop a couple roofs until you reach the blue one. The gun is under a water cooler.
  • There is really no cover for this mission so body armor would be a real help.
  • There is health behind the casino in an alley if you run low.
  • Once the bomb is on the casino wall it CANNOT be defused.


  • $1000