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Strong Nouns

This is the strong noun A-Stem section, there are other kinds of strong nouns but we will deal with those later.

Masculine A-Stem Nouns

Gothic has strong and weak nouns (along with strong and weak adjectives!). There are many stems or different declensions within each class of nouns. Here I will show you a-stem nouns. There are three genders in Gothic: masculine, feminine, neuter. These are not always sex-based as in English.

A-Stem Nouns
Singular Plural
Nominative -s -os
Accusative - -ans
Genitive -is -e
Dative -a -am

Now onto the masculine article (definite). Gothic has no indefinite article (a, an) but only a definite (the) which has masculine, feminine, and neuter forms.

Masculine Article
Singular Plural
Nominative sa thai
Accusative thana thans Genitive this thize
Dative thamma thaim

For a while here I'm going to be basically throwing you a lot of tables. But here I'll explain the cases:
Nominative: marks the subject of the sentence
Accusative: marks the direct object of the sentence
Genitive: marks possession
Dative: marks the indirect object of a sentence.