Now that you've learned some important basic grammar, we'll read several texts in Gothic with the help of vocabulary.

Corinthians I 5:9 gamelida izwis ana þizai aipistaulein: ni blandaiþ izwis horam,

Gamelida = I wrote, 3rd preterite of gameljan (I weak) (to write)

izwis = you (acc plur)

ana = on + dative

þizai = this, dat. Fem. Sing.

aipistaulein = dat. of aipistaule, epistle

ni = not

blandaiþ = you merge (plur) (opt)

horam = dat. Plur. of hors (m. A) (fornicator).

The translation is:

— I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:

Try to read the phrase with help of the vocabulary until you understand it.

Corinthians I 5:11 iþ nu gamelida izwis ni blandan, jabai hvas broþar namnids sijai hors aiþþau faihufriks

iþ = but (here)

nu = now

blandan = to merge

jabai = if (supposing that the answer is yes)

hvas = any (here)

broþar (m. R nom.) = brother

namnids = called, past part. Nom. Sing.

sijai = is, opt

aiþþau = or, when there are more than two things

faihufriks = greedy, covetous, (adj. A nom. Sing. M.) (Adjectives will be explained in chapter 3)

Corinthians I 7:28 aþþan jabai nimis qen,

aþþan = but

nimis = you take

qen = wife, (acc. of qens (f. I) )