GoldenEye 007/Facility

Mission ObjectivesEdit

Gain entry to laboratory area (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)Edit

You start in the air ducts above the toilets with a silenced PP7. There is a guard in one of the cubicles. His head is visible from the vent so shoot him before you drop down. Assuming you were quick, another guard will be at the urinal. Try and kill him quickly so he doesn't leave and bother you later. Grab his KF7 Soviet and the ammo from the cubical guard, but keep your silenced PP7 armed. Once the toilets are cleared, exit and go down the stairs. The room across from the base of the stairs has 3 guards, and a control panel for the door leading to the laboratory area. Clear the room as quickly as possible and activate the control panel. Take care of any guards that bother you and make your way to the door you just opened. (Left as you exit the control panel room, then left again).

Go Through the door and into the laboratory. Once inside there may be 'enemy units,' so keep an eye peeled.

Contact double agent (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)Edit

Dr Doak can be in one of three places in the level.

  • In the corridor of the research department
  • The bit with all the glazed rooms
  • [Can't remember the other one]

He'll give you a decoder to enter the bottling room.

Rendezvous with 006 (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)Edit

006 (Alec Trevelyan) will be waiting for you in the last room.

It's a good idea to start planting the remote mines on the tanks before you let 006 start talking to you. The second he stops talking, the alarm goes off and General Ourumov comes in with a load of guards. So keep your distance from 006 and plant the mines quickly.

Destroy all tanks in bottling room (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)Edit

There are 10 Tanks and you have 5 remote mines. The tanks are in five pairs, so plant one mine between each pair of tanks so the explosion destroys both of them.

Minimize scientist casualtiesEdit