Getting Your Feet Wet With Hackintosh/Using Pre-built Models

What qualifies as "pre-built model"? edit

When we speak of pre-built models here, we mean that we are:

  • purchasing a desktop or laptop computer and other components and using it in a Hackintosh build
  • possibly using soft-fixes (most builds require soft fixes anyways)

Where can we find lists of pre-built models? edit

For finding pre-built model compatibility, your best resource is probably the OSx86 Wiki, with their Hardware Compatibility section. It is recommended that you look into the most stable version of Mac OS X that has been released (i.e. the latest version that is not a developer preview), because updating your software after you choose your hardware and install everything can result in boot errors, and possibly having to start all over again. If you don't find anything you want on the OSx86 wiki, you can always check TonyMacx86, which has an extensive forums family. If you still can't find what you're looking for, perhaps a guide is available for your desired hardware somewhere on the Internet, at which point you should finally resort to a search engine.