Getting Started With Kivy Tutorial/Introduction

What is KivyEdit

Kivy is a library for use with the Python programming language. It's a great tool for creating Apps on top of Python code. It is a clean and elegant GUI library. You'll need to know a bit about Python and using the IDLE IDE before you can get going in Kivy. Kivy is object oriented and although a little of the concepts will be touched on in the tutorials if you want to understand more about object oriented programming you will need to research this separately.

This book will focus on Kivy version 1.9.0 with Python 3.4. It is aimed at high-school level coders or complete beginners. It's designed to give you the basics to be able to get started o your own.

Prerequisite KnowledgeEdit

These are some resources you can use to learn Python:

Assumed knowledge:

  • Getting input from a user
  • Displaying information
  • Loops, while and for loops
  • if, else and elif
  • functions

If you need help installing Kivy there are really good instructions on the Kivy site here.