die Farbe the colour plur. die Farben – the colours
rot red
rosa, pink pink
purpur magenta
gelb yellow
orange orange french word
grün green
blau blue
hellblau light blue
dunkelblau dark blue
türkis torquise
lila purple
violett violet
weiß white
grau grey
silber silver
schwarz black
braun brown
beige beige french word
goldfarben gold
kupferfarben copper
lila blassblau purple pale blue often as a joke

All these colour names are adjectives, e.g. das rote Buch – the red book. If a colour name is used as a noun (e.g. das Blau des Himmels – the blue of the sky) then it is a neuter noun using the article „das”. In German, all nouns are written with a capital initial letter.