Marine life edit

German English Name Detailed Information
der Tunfisch/Thunfisch Tuna Fish A large and active predatory schooling
fish of the mackerel family. Found in
warm seas, it is extensively fished
der Alligator Alligator A large semi-aquatic reptile similar to a
↓crocodile↓ but with a broader and shorter
head, native to the Americas and China.
das Krokodil Crocodile A large predatory semi-aquatic reptile with
long jaws, long tail, short legs,
and a horny textured skin, using submersion
and stealth to approach prey unseen.
der Bartenwale (Wal/Walfisch) Baleen Whale A whale that has plates of
whalebone in the mouth for
straining plankton from the water.
der Barrakuda / Pfeilhecht Barracuda A large, predatory tropical marine
fish with a slender body and large jaws
and teeth.
der blaue Fisch Blue Fish A predatory blue-colored marine
fish that inhabits tropical and temperate
der Hummer Lobster A large marine crustacean with a
cylindrical body, stalked eyes, and the
first of its five pairs of limbs modified
as pincers (die Kneifzange).
der Wels
die Seekatze
Cat Fish A freshwater or marine fish
with whisker like barbels around the mouth,
typically bottom-dwelling.
die Muschel / Venusmuschel Clam A marine bivalve mollusk with shells
of equal size.
das Tritonshorn
die Trompetenschnecke
Conch A tropical marine mollusk with
a spiral shell that may bear long
projections and have a flared lip.
die Algen Seaweed Large algae growing in the sea or on
rocks below the high-water mark.
die Krabbe Crab A crustacean with a broad carapace,
stalked eyes, and five pairs of legs, the
first pair of which are modified as pincers.
die Koralle Coral A hard stony substance secreted by
certain marine coelenterates
as an external skeleton,
typically forming large reefs
in warm seas.
der Delphin Dolphin A small gregarious toothed whale
that typically has a beak like snout and a
curved fin on the back.
der Aal Eel A snakelike fish with a slender elongated
body and poorly developed fins, proverbial
for its slipperiness.
der Zitteraal Electric Eel An eel like freshwater fish of
South America, using pulses of electricity
to kill prey, to assist in
navigation, and for defense.
der See-Elefanten Elephant Seal A large seal that breeds on the west coast
of North America and the islands around Antarctica.
The male is much larger than the
female and has a very thick neck and an
inflatable snout.
der Salamander Salamander A newt like amphibian that typically has bright
markings, and that once was thought to be
able to endure fire.
der Fisch Fish A limbless cold-blooded vertebrate
animal with gills and fins and living
wholly in water.
der Frosch Frog A tailless amphibian with a short
squat body, moist smooth skin, and very
long hind legs for leaping.
der Schleierschwanz / Goldfisch Goldfish A small reddish-golden Eurasian carp,
popular in ponds and aquariums.
der Schellfisch Haddock A silvery-gray bottom-dwelling fish of
North Atlantic coastal waters, related
to the cod.
die Qualle / Meduse Jellyfish A free-swimming marine coelenterate
with a jelly like bell- or saucer-shaped body that
is typically transparent and has stinging
tentacles around the edge.
der Meeresengel Angelfish Any of a number of laterally compressed deep-bodied
fish with extended dorsal and anal fins,
typically brightly colored or boldly
striped, including.
das Weichtier
die Molluske
Mollusk An invertebrate of a large phylum that
includes snails, slugs, mussels, and octopuses.
They have a soft, unsegmented body
and live in aquatic or damp habitats, and
most kinds have an external calcareous shell.

Bugs edit

  • (1-23) das Insekt (-en): insect


  • (1) die Libelle (-n): dragonfly
  • (2) die Heuschrecke (-n): grasshopper
  • (3) die Grille (-n): cricket
  • (4) die Küchenschabe (-n): cockroach
  • (5) die Gottesanbeterin (-nen): praying mantis
  • (6) die Termite (-n): termite


  • (7) der Floh (-"e): flea
  • (8) die Laus (-"e): louse
  • (9) die Fliege (-n): fly
  • (10) die Mücke (-n): mosquito


  • (11-14) der Käfer (-): beetles
  • (11) der Mistkäfer (-): dung beetle
  • (12) der Marienkäfer (-): ladybug
  • (13) der Leuchtkäfer (-): firefly
  • (14) der Hirschkäfer (-): stag beetle


  • (15) die Raupe (-n): caterpillar
  • (16) die Puppe (-n): chrysalis
  • (17) der Schmetterling (-e): butterfly
  • (18) die Seidenraupe (-n): silkworm
  • (19) der Kokon (-s): cocoon
  • (20) die Motte (-n): moth


  • (21) die Ameise (-n): ant
  • (22) die Biene (-n): bee
  • (23) die Wespe (-n): wasp

Amphibians and reptiles edit

Birds edit

German English Name Detailed Information
der Seggenrohrsänger Aquatic Warbler Any of a number of small insectivorous
songbirds that typically have a warbling song.
der Albatros Albatross A very large oceanic bird related to the
shearwaters, with long narrow wings.
die Enten Ducks A waterbird with a broad blunt
bill, short legs, webbed feet, and a
waddling gait.
die Gänse Geese A large waterbird with a long neck, short legs,
webbed feet, and a short broad bill.
Generally geese are larger than ducks
and have longer necks and shorter bills.
der Schwan Swans A large waterbird with a long flexible
neck, short legs, webbed feet, a broad
bill, and typically all-white plumage.

Mammals edit

der Hund dog
der Schäferhund sheepdog
der Dalmatiner Dalmatian
der Husky Husky
der Wolf wolf
der Fuchs fox
der Welpe puppy
die Katze cat masc. der Kater
die Maus mouse also for computer mouse
die Ratte rat
der Hamster hamster
die Chinchilla chinchilla in Austria das Chinchilla
das Meerschweinchen guinea-pig
das Kaninchen rabbit coll. Karnickel
der Hase bunny, hare coll. Mümmelmann
das Frettchen ferret
der Iltis foumart
das Eichhörnchen squirrel
der Biber beaver
das Murmeltier marmot
der Siebenschläfer fat dormouse In Germany, June 27 is Siebenschläfertag
die Bisamratte muskrat
der Bär bear
der Braunbär brown bear
das Reh roe deer
der Hirsch deer
der Elch elk
das Rentier rendeer
die Fledermaus bat
der Igel hedgeshog
der Luchs lynx Augen wie ein Luchs haben
der Seehund seal
die Kuh cow
der Ochse ox
der Bulle bull insult to a police man
die Ziege goat swear word for a girl
der Steinbock ibex
das Kalb calf
das Pferd horse arch. Ross
das Fohlen colt
das Schaf sheep

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