The following table lists the declension of all six personal pronouns used in Georgian.

  Nominative Ergative Dative Genitive Instrumental Adverbial Vocative
First person (singular) me me me chem(s) chemit chemad -
Second person (singular) shen shen shen shen(s) shenit shenad she!
Third person (singular) is (i)man (i)mas (i)mis (i)mit imad -
First person (plural) chven chven chven chven(s) chvenit chvenad -
Second person (plural) tkven tkven tkven tkven(s) tkvenit tkvenad tkve!
Third person (plural) isini (i)mat (i)mat (i)mat (i)mat (i)mat -

As can be seen from the table, all the cases of the third persons except the nominative case can be expressed in two different ways; with or without an "i" at the beginning of the pronoun. The extra letter "i" adds a directional meaning. The closest English equivalent could be the distinction between his, her and that. An example can be "her pencil" versus "that (girl)'s pencil." In English "that" can never behave as a personal pronoun, but in Georgian, the additional letter "i" makes that possible.