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This page is intended to give an introduction to readers, writers, and editors of this book. About this Wikibook should be intended for readers, Outline for readers and writers, and Manual of Style for writers and editors.

Manual of Style


This is the local manual of style for this book, describing how this book should be laid out. Since this is a Wikibooks, anyone can edit it, but please follow the stylistic instructions given below.

Splash screens


Splash screens are pages that appear when a web page or computer game is loading, or to introduce it. In the context of Wikibooks a splash screen refers to a page that covers a large part of the screen and is colorful (maybe a full-page picture) and offers little informative content.

In this WIkibook splash screens are used in this way:

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This should be used mainly on pages about areas in France, for example see Geography of France/The Pacific#French Polynesia.

A similar thing can be done along side these splash screens, for example at the head of the French Polynesia section of the Pacific chapter of this book you will find:

Splash screen

French Polynesia


Where is French Polynesia? (click to find out)


Click to see a bigger map of French Polynesia


To do this you will have to use the template {{hidden}}. All instances of this template in this Wikibook must have the paramater "noprint" filled in. This will prevent the contents and the template from showing up in the printed version, as having a huge image on a printed page is annoying. Please do not over use this, as it can become annoying and clog up the page.


There is currently one template for navigation in this Wikibook: {{Geography of France/Nav simple}}. This needs to parameters: the first unnamed parameter is the previous page and the second the next. So this:

{{Geography of France/Nav simple|Corsica|French Guiana}}

would, if it were on Geography of France/The Caribbean, render like this:

Geography of France
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This template should be placed on the top of the page.

France vs. Metropolitan France


This book emphasis that France is more than just Metropolitan France (the part located in Europe). So please don't caption pictures of European France as "map of France" or "location of France in the EU". If the picture is of only Metropolitan France, say so.