Geocaching in the UK/Stories

Alchemy Gold (GCHJN4) August 22, 2006 by Alibags


Finally! We arrived here and started to persuade our creaking and aching bodies around the final stage of this excellent series, because by hook or by crook we WERE going to complete this series in one day. It didn't matter that it was dark and we were ill equipped. It didn't matter that it started to rain. We didn't care that we had fat chance of seeing our beds before midnight. Who cares if we were so tired we started to make all sorts of silly errors. Big thanks to Moote, out PAF for today and also to the cache setter who even volunteered to come out when they were rung up and whinged at.

It was here we bumped into Crazy Frog and family (apologies from me too for not catching all your caching names... CF was easy to remember because of all the frogs all over her and the car!!). The two young lads who had been round all the caches that we had been round (even if it was over two days) and were STILL being as keen as anything, even long after their bedtime, was very inspiring! Well done to you! Puts us old farts to shame.

The incentive of finishing the series gave us just enough energy to drag our tired bodies that last leg, and we were glad we did. 2202 was well incentivised anyhow(is that such a word?) as he was aiming for (and got) his 500th cache with this one. Well done Tony. A spot of comedy furtling about in the dark later and voila! one cache. Thanks for the cache and thanks for the series MarkB! Now, can I have some sleeeeeeeeeeeeep please?