General Engineering Introduction/Design/quiz

1 What is not part of the definition of engineering design?


2 Which below is not a "made object?"

computer mouse
chess piece

3 Which below is not an engineering "artifact?"

Unit Operation
Free Body Diagram
Control Volume
Ancient Indian arrow head

4 Engineering Design starts with:

Learning an acronynm such as Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate (CDIO)
Identifying common design concepts/artifacts within a variety of problems and/or unique objects.
Taking Art Classes to identify patterns.
Chopping unique made objects into pieces.

5 Which artifact deals with piston design?

free body diagram
control volume
unit operation

6 Which artifact deals with the forces causing a car to move:

free body diagram
control volume
unit operation

7 Which artifact deals with powertrain control module (PCM)

free body diagram
control volume
unit operation

8 Which artifact deals with wiring harnesses?

free body diagram
control volume
unit operation

9 Complexity Intimidation is best dealt with by:

forward engineering ... starting over and creating your own design then comparing with other engineers' work
giving up listening and reading the text book instead
acknowledging how brilliant others are and trying to climb into their heads
reverse engineering .. starting at the answer and working backwards

10 The best way to create artifacts is to:

focus on a small piece of the problem
focus on a small piece of the made, unique object
describe what where when and how
concentrate on the overwhelmed feeling for inspiration

11 Hiding complexity works when:

Inside the circle is something simple
Outside the circle is something simple
Something simple crosses the circle boundary
Everything can be circled

12 Unique items are:

Always engineered
Emerge only after the idea has been identified
Sold at Walmart
Science concepts like temperature

13 The slogan "Engineers work themselves out of a job" means:

Engineers change jobs frequently
Engineers change projects frequently
Successful engineers become technologists
Nothing because most engineers don't find ideals

14 What is wrong with "Form follows function?"

There are unlimited number of forms/artifacts
Engineers start with a problem ... which is a desired function.
Function can be deduced from form (reverse engineering).
Greek civilization doesn't have a world-wide influence.

15 What is useful to engineers in the Jungian Archetype?

Dreams that rehash the day help engineering.
The collective fears/opinion/preferences should guide all engineers.
Day time logic is usually flawed.
Forms without function emerge in certain types of dreams.

16 Emergence is interesting to an engineer because:

It is a religious philosophy
It describes artifact origins
It is another source of artifact inspiration
It explains why engineers have jobs

17 Why is drawing by hand still important?

The software concepts and physical hand drawing concepts and language are still the same.
Drawings, even poor stick figures still inspire, still start conversations.
Charts and communicating detail is still important.
All engineers need to learn a CAD program.

18 What is the life cycle of expertise?

An engineer is a temporary expert because of doing it first and perhaps growing it, but Technologists are the permanent experts.
Scientists create the expertise and grow it.
Engineers create the expertise and grow it.
Technologists grow the expertise.

19 The phrase "Engineering Art and Practice" refers to:

The "Craft" and "Guild" origins of engineering in England.
Where in the continuum between science and technology engineering resides.
How much hands on experience a beginning engineer needs before transitioning to design.
The way engineering was taught before the 1950s, before WWII, before "science engineering" was emphasized.

20 The phrase "Engineering Art and Practice" has negative connotations associated with it because:

Most "Art and Practice" engineers were expert technologists, not innovators.
During WWII the military preferred to work with scientists, not "Art and Practice" engineers to get things done.
The military never knew whether to expect leadership, innovation, or predictable technology implementation from an engineer.
Engineers did not want to continuously improve a made object. They were rigid rule followers.

21 CDIO (conceive, design, implement and manage) is:

A formal, sequential process that can be summarized in a block diagram.
Is a cabinet of ingredients that can be mixed together to create a design process for a unique project.
Specifies when engineers hand off ownership in the form of drawings, software, data to another engineer without words.
Becoming part of the management training of all engineers.

22 Which majors are easy to switch from into engineering?

Applied physics, applied math
Science and Math

23 How can a technologist become and engineer?

They can't.
They don't need to, they are already an engineer.
Go to grad school and get an engineering masters degree.
Take some calculus classes.

24 Which majors can an engineer switch to?

All majors