General Engineering Introduction/Authors Editors

For Authors/Editors



Focus on engineering science (CDIO), not engineering technology (ISTE). This course is best taught by someone who majored in engineering and worked at least 5 years in the field. Industrial art teachers should stick with Project Lead the Way's (PLTW) Engineering Design and Development (EDD) Capstone Class.

Content Goals


Provide a framework by which general engineering introductions can be assessed. Minimize content. Transition to open ended projects as soon as possible.

Self Paced Learning


Put Quizzes with answers in context with in the reading. Link to quizzes at wikiversity if necessary. Update this list of quizzes so that they can be summarized and moved into an LMS.

Link to other wiki pages within this text first, minimize outside links.

Look for content within Wikimedia space that already exists rather than re-create.



Books and web sites that informed this course are

ASEE Papers (there are lots of them)

NSF (freshman engineering)