General Astronomy/The Theory of the Naked Singularity

Black holes are objects of mystery, and recent studies have revealed that they may be even stranger than once thought. The core of the black hole is termed the "naked singularity". It is a gravitational singularity that is predicted to be, infinite in density. Such an object's mere existence completely defies the laws of physics as we know them, but it is logical to assume that the center of the black hole should be infinitely compacted. However, such an object would be forever cloaked by the event horizon of its host black hole, so observation is most probably impossible.

What lies at the shadowed centre of the mysterious objects?

Some have gone so far as to say that this cloaking is a deliberate result of a kind of "cosmic censorship" that prevents the naked singularity, as radically as it defies the laws of physics, from being released from beyond the event horizon. What exactly would result from the exposure of the enigmatic core remains highly speculative (as does, the entire subject matter).

Potential for human use of the naked singularity is also something that has been discussed; the observation and study of a body with infinite density would undoubtedly prove highly revealing to astronomers, and may shed light on black holes and other aspects of physics and astronomy.