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This is a professional worldwide humanities and social sciences mega portal, connected directly to thousands of related sub-sets, with billions of primary or secondary family history and genealogy database records. It encompasses all other key worldwide genealogy sites. Our goal is to promote scholarly educational access to all key worldwide Internet genealogical and family history databases and resources. Independent researchers are always invited to voluntarily email us, to report any broken, changed, inappropriate, misdirected, new, outdated or undiscovered pertinent genealogy and family history links.

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  • USGenWeb Project established in 1996, this project of 2500 volunteers has been serving as a FREE resource for county and state genealogy. Besides the independent websites there is a permanent Archive of 11 G's of information. The search engine for the USGenWeb Project Archives is located at And the many special projects supported by the members of the USGenWeb Project can be found at

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  • WorldGenWeb This project is powered by volunteers providing genealogical, geographical, and historical information related to a specific country. This site serves as a FREE resource for furthering research. Begin at the front page and then choose the geographical area you wish to investigate further.

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Family History UKEdit

  • is the latest FREE UK family tree, genealogy and ancestry community portal website, connecting ancestors and living relatives all over the UK. You can search for your ancestors, Post your "Wanted Names", join our friendy FHUK community forum - help us to help you. A Totally FREE website.

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  • Family Search it is associated with the LDS church and is a gateway to 150 years of genealogy research done by church members and other genealogists. A FREE website


  • RootsWeb the oldest and largest FREE genealogy website and server. It provides the websites, mailing lists and message boards used by so many genealogists. It is the host to many Genealogical and Historical Societies and the USGenWeb Project. A FREE website

Family Tree RegistryEdit

  • is a new free resource for genealogists and genealogical organizations and institutions. It allows you to share information about your family trees without having to make personal details about individuals or your email address public. The Family Tree Registry also features advanced search functionality.


  • OnePageGenealogy This website allows you to submit your family tree file up to 80 generations to be printed on one page. Another feature of this website is that it allows you to create a user group under the relationship finder. After creating a user group, you can use ancestral file numbers (from the ancestral file at of your ancestros to see who you are related to within your group. You can also check to see if you are related to someone famous such a presidents, kings, queens, inventors, etc. The only difficulty that you might encounter with this website is if you do not have any family members in the ancestral file you will not be able to find any relations. A FREE website

CuriousFox UKEdit

  • CuriousFox UK The village by village contact site for anybody researching family history, genealogy and local history in the UK and Ireland. Can be browsed by village or town, or members can search for surnames throughout the UK, by county or village, or within a radius of any location. Includes links to both current and old maps for every location. Basic membership is free but paid members have more facilities provided.


  • Genealogy and Newspaper Obituaries Get newspaper obituaries listings and free obituary writing tips at The most complete obituary source, find newspaper obituaries online and get help writing newspaper obituaries. is your complete obituary source for finding newspaper obituaries online, and see free obituary writing guides and obituary samples that help you with writing newspaper obituaries. gives you free access to newspaper obituaries listings and free articles for help writing an obituary. Find everything you need to locate newspaper obituaries online, read old obituaries archives and get obituary writing tips.


  • runs a highly customized implementation of Mediawiki. From the creator of WikiAnswers. The site is free but not open source. The copyrights are still owned by the contributors and much of the site is hidden behind privacy controls.

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