GarageBand/Recording in GarageBand

The next step is to learn how to make and edit both software instrument and real instrument recordings.

  • 'Software instrument' recording means that a USB midi keyboard is used or the Musical typing function in GarageBand.
  • Either plug in your USB keyboard or select "Window > Musical Typing" and a window will open showing which keys of the keyboard you can use to play with. Make sure you leave this window open or musical typing won't work.
  • Start by creating a new track with the '+' button and the detailed information window will pop up.
    1. Make sure that the 'Software Instrument' tab is selected.
    2. In this menu you can select the primary instrument.
    3. In this menu you can select different types the primary instrument and its sound.
    4. Finish by clicking on 'Create'.
  • Next you should make sure the 'Cursor' at the point that you want your recording to start.
  • Then if you want GarageBand to count a measure before you start, so you have the rhythm select "Control > Count in".
  • To actually record press the red "Record" button and play away. To stop recording press the button again.
  • When finished recording the recording acts just like any other loop and can be repeated or trimmed. You can trim a loop by clicking and dragging the right bottom corner of the loop.
  • When you want to record in an already existing track, select it before recording.
  • When you have finished the project you can export it to your "iTunes" library by selecting "File > Export To iTunes.