GarageBand/Making a Song with Apple Loops

Now that you are familiar with the GarageBand interface you can learn how to use the loops that come with GarageBand and how to use these to create a song.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
  • To start, open the 'Loops Bank' panel.
  • Use the filters to filter out a certain loop, say a drum line. By clicking on the loop in the right side of the panel you can hear a preview of the loop.
  • When you have found the right loop, click and drag it into the working plane. It's best to put it at the beginning of the song so the project stays ordered.
  • Next we can make the loop longer so our song will last a bit longer as well. Do this by clicking and dragging the right upper corner of the loop to the right until it’s long enough. If this is done right, the corner of the cursor turns into this icon.
  • Continue adding new loops and tracks and by using the 'play' button you can listen to your song. If want to add a loop but you already have the instrument track in your project drag the new loop to a position with in that track to add it instead of making a whole new track.
  • For example, try putting a piano loop into the default piano track.
  • Don't forget to "file > save" your project every now and then so you can revert to it if you've messed things up.