Character Attributes


Attributes are made up of three Aspects, and three Categories one being calculated, creating a Matrix:

Aspect Description
Body Physical attributes
Mind Mental attributes
Soul Spiritual Attributes
Category Type Description
Capacity Generated Describe the inherent capacity for abilities (Potential) and not the abilities them self.
Abilities Generated
Capabilities Calculated The effective combination of Capacities and Abilities, hence the name


Capacities and Abilities, can be either randomly generated or assigned/purchased, or a combination there of, based on the Game Setting/Rules established

And the granularity and complexity of of attributes can be defined (different for different aspects)


What needs to defined is the level (depth/breath) of Attributes that are established

Level Body Mind Soul
0 Body Mind Soul
1, 1, 1 Capacities/Abilities Capacities/Abilities Capacities/Abilities

Example: Body 1, Mind 1, Soul 0, would result in five attributes


What needs to defined is the level (depth/breath) of Attributes that are established

Simple Complex Avanced
Superb 4 40 400
Great 3 30 300
Good 2 20 200
Fair 1 10 100
Non Existent 0 0 0
Formula Roll
Scale Differsity Formula Worst of

Best of












Total Min Average Max Expand Notes/Example
1 1 2D1 2 1 2 100 200 0 1 2 N/A
2 1 4D1 4 1 4 50 200 0 2 4 [Scale 1] *2 + (2D1 - 1) Essentially +/- Dice
2 2D2
4 1D4
2.5 1 5D1 5 1 5 40 200 0 5
5 1D5
5 1 10D1 10 1 10 20 200 0 5 10 [Scale 2] * 2
2 5D2
3 3D3+1D1
4 2D4+1D2
10 1 20D1 20 1 20 10 200 0 10 20 4
2 10D2
4 5D4
5 4D5 4 5 20 10 200 0 10 20
20 1 40D1 40 1 40 5 200 0 20 40 8
4 10D4
5 8D5
10a 2D9+2D11
10b 4D9+1D4
10c 4D9+2D2
10b 4D9+4D1
25 1 50D1 50 1 50 4 200 0 25 50 10
5 10D5 10 5 50 4 200 0 25 50
50 1 100D1 100 1 100 2 200 0 50 100 20
4 25D4
5 20D5
10a 5D9+5D11
10b 11D9+1D1
100 200D1 200 1 200 1 200 0 100 200 50
1000 2000D1 2000 1 2000 0.1 200 0.0 1000 2000


Capacity, is the highest level of capabilities, and is used to describe the inherent abilities (Potential) of someone (containing the abilities) and not the abilities themself.

For example, my water bottle has the capacity of ... but the ability to hold water.

Don't require energy and don't change much through use/training, used as static values or resources


Capacities Body Mind Soul User for
1 Stage Health Vitality Clarity Sanity Damage Capacity
Maturity Practice Knowledge Experience Skills
Scale Size Mass Faculty Spirit Scale
Awareness Perception Alertness Intuition Input
2 Inner/


Presence Appearance Empathy Charisma Social
Toughness Recovery Confidence Steel
2 Hardiness Toughness Focus Tenacity/Will Armor
Flexibility Agility Ingenuity Adaptability Soak


Capacity Abbr. Description Aspect Opposite
Vitality VIT The health of body, its reliability, resistance to disease, recovery from injury,.. Body Health Maturity
Clarity CLA The health of mind, it's clarity, capacity to process correct incoming information from the senses Mind Health Maturity
Sanity SAN The health of soul, it's equilibrium of mood, ... Soul Health Maturity
Practice PRC The maturity of body, the time spend exercising, repeating or try physical feats Body Maturity Health
Knowledge KWL The maturity of mind, the time spend learning, reorganizing, ... Mind Maturity Health
Experience EXP The maturity of soul, The Wisdom of age, experiences Soul Maturity Health
Toughness TOU The hardiness and rigidity of the body, the armor to overcome for physical stress Body Hardiness Flexibility
Focus FOC The hardiness and rigidity of mind, the single minded focus, the armor to over come mental stress Mind Hardiness Flexibility
Tenacity TEN The hardiness and rigidity of Soul, tenacity, strong-willed, head-strong, the armor to overcome soul stress Soul Hardiness Flexiblity
Agility AGI The flexibility (and resilience) of the body, the move-ability of it's parts, Nimbleness Body Flexibility Hardiness
Ingenuity ING The flexibility (and resilience) of the mind, Imagination, Fantasy. Mind Flexibility Hardiness
Adaptability ADA The flexibility (and resilience) of the soul, Adroitness Soul Flexibility Hardiness
Mass MAS The size of body, it's weight, height, reach, stride, but also Voice, Odor, ... Body Size Awareness
Faculty FAC The size of (inner) mind, long and short term memory (absent minded professor) Mind Size Awareness
Spirit SPI The size of soul, it's elan and passion Soul Size Awareness
Perception PER The capacity of ones senses, eyesight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, ... Body Awareness Size
Alertness ALE Discernment Cognition Mind Awareness Size
Intuition INT Awareness of Spirit/Soul, Instinct, Enlightenment Soul Awareness Size
Appearance APP Presence of Body, Beauty, Style, Appeal Body Presence
Empathy EMP Presence of Mind, Mind Sight, ... Mind Presence
Charisma CHA Presence of Soul, Strength of Personality, .. Soul Presence


are the next order and are with the capacity, and are essentially the highest order of skills

Require energy and can change through use/training or lack there off. Influence many skills.


Abilities Body Mind Soul Capacity
1 Endurance Stamina Drive


Brawn Intellect




Quickness Speed


Recall Decisiveness
2 Control




Discipline Flexibility




Abilities Abbr. Description Aspect Opposite
Stamina STA Endurance
Drive DRV Endurance
Brawn BWN Power
Speed SPD Quicknesss
Recall REC Quickness
Decisiveness DEC Quickness
Dexterity DEX Control
Discipline DIS Control


Are calculated based on Capacities and Abilities

Capability Desciption Calculation
Wit Mental Reaction Speed Recall, Decisiveness
Grace Panache Charisma, Dexterity
Reflex Physical Reaction Speed Speed, Perception Instinct
Explosive Explosive Power, Punch, Kick Speed, Brawn
Force Mass, Brawn
Health & Endurance
Aim Dexterity, Eyesight
Balance Agility, Body Sense