Game Creation with the Unity Game Engine/Introduction

Introduction edit

This class will be a tour of the Unity Game Engine. It will cover many topics, mostly just touching the surface. But there will be plenty of opportunity to dig deeper and learn more by doing.

This class is an introduction into the Unity Game Engine. Before we can get started creating games, we need to install the necessary software and get our environment set up.

Overview edit

There are two reasons for this class:

  • Create cool 3D and 2D games
  • Learn how to use the Unity Game Engine

For me the second aspect is actually the more important one.

Subchapter edit

If you want a subchapter, this is how it is done...

Installation edit

How to install Unity, supported platforms, etc...

Links edit

If you find a cool tutorial or a neat link, post it here for now:

Example of a www link: (

How to do referencing? edit

An example usage of a reference is

"The Social Web is a set of social relations that link people through the World Wide Web."


It has to be distinguished from what is called the Web 2.0 [2], a phrase termed by Tim O’Reilly [3]. Whereas Web 2.0 is about technology, the social web is about people.

So for instance, the map of the Internet, maps machines:


Whereas, a maps of friends on Facebook (a social network) maps people:


References edit

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