Game Creation with the Unity Game Engine/Game2 CubeWars

Game 2: Cube Wars edit

Cubes vs spheres, it's a cruel world out there.

Game-Idea: edit

The general idea was to create a towerdefense-like game in which the enemies follow predefined paths from the spawnpoint to the players base. To defend its base the player needs to build towers along the path. The towers have an AI which allows them to automatically aim the first enemy in their range and attack it. By killing an enemy the player earns money which he can invest in new towers. The enemies appear in waves and over time the enemies are getting stronger and the waves larger. The game has no real end, u just have to reach a new highscore.

Design edit

Because of time issues, we decided to build the world only out of geomatric primitives. To create visual difference between enemies and the players models we created the world in a round look and mainly toon-colored in black and white with just some little colorpriorities. The enemies are all colored in blue and have angular geometry. To support the clean look we relinquished the use of any textures and complex lightsimulation.

Game-Mechanics edit

To create the enemypath we used the free asset iTween from the unity assetsstore which is a very simple pathanimationtool. To calculate if an enemy is inside the range of a tower we used some vector3-mathematics that says which enemy should get attacked. Then the tower creates a new bullet instance to which he adds the current targetobject. Now the bullet follows the enemy until it gets out of towerrange or hits its target. In both cases the bullet gets destroyed and if applicable the enemy receives damage. If the enemies lives reaches zero the enemy dies and the loot gets added to players account. If an enemy reaches the playerbase it gets destroyed and the player loses one life. If the lifenumber is zero a gameoverscreen appears and you have to restart. To build a new tower the player needs to enter the buildmode in which the towerbubble that is most centered in screen gets selected(highlighted). By pressing the right button one of the two implemented towers gets build but only if the player has enough money. The player also can remove the tower in the same way. The towers as well as the enemies differ for example by speed, damage, lives, costs ,loot ... .

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