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Finding free Models edit

You don't have to create 3D models from scratch. Most objects you may need have already been created, you only need to find them. For Sketchup and Blender, for instance, there are many available models. So here we show you how to find 3D models, what to worry about, especially with respect to licencing.

3D Models edit

3D Eagles edit
  • 3D model search engine
  • See search results in 3D

3D Eagles Available for free 3d objects download in software & format 3dsmax 2016, render engine v ray 3.0, texture.

3D Eagles edit

for example:

  • furniture
  • plants
  • painting
  • architecture
  • interior scene
  • exterior scene
  • lighting

artist-3d edit

for example:

  • vehicles
  • architecture
  • weapons
  • characters
  • Ranking
  • thumbnail view
  • Choice between a list with thumbnails or only thumbnails

3dmodelfree edit

for example:

  • interior
  • outdoor
  • good structure

NASA edit
  • only NASA models

3dcar-gallery edit
  • only vehicles

archive3d edit

for example:

  • interior
  • character and related
  • vehicles
  • animals
  • outdoor
  • good variety

gfxfree edit

for example:

  • vehicles
  • architecture
  • character/animals
  • different views of the 3D models

scifi3d edit
  • SciFi models for example:
    • Star Wars
    • Star Trek
    • Blade Runner

3Ds Max edit

Maya edit

Cinema 4D edit



Websiteranking edit

60 excellent free 3D model websites

Authors edit