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Usar la Propiedad TimeEdit

Time returns the current time. Example:

You need 1 button:

Private Sub Button1_click()

Te daria algo asi: 22:13:00.998 (En ubuntu me da asi :P)

Por ejemplo si queremos hacer que a determinada hora nos avise, seria algo asi:

Necesitas 2 Textbox, 1 Boton, 1 Timer y un modulo..

En textbox1 escribimos la Hora que queremos que nos avise. En textbox2 escribimos el minuto que queremos que nos avise.

Within the module write:

PUBLIC Hora as string[]
PUBLIC Final as string[]

Within form Fmain, Button1 write:

Private Sub Button1_click()
dim tiempo as String
    Timer1.enabled = true
Private Sub Timer1_()
dim tiempo as string
Timer1.delay = 500
    if Module1.hora[0] =  Module1.Final[0] and Module1.hora[1] = Module1.Final[1] then
  "Ya es la hora que ingresaste antes")
            Timer1.enabled = false
    end if

Wait CommandEdit

The Syntax is

WAIT [ Delay ]

This command calls the event loop. If Delay is specified, it does not return until Delay seconds elapse. Delay is a floating point number. So, if you want to wait 100 ms, just do:

 WAIT 0.1

During the wait, no keyboard or mouse events are processed. Only drawing, timer and file descriptors events, like Process_Write are still running.


You need a commandbutton and a textbox to get it going.

PUBLIC SUB Button1_Click()
 WAIT 10
 'waits 10 seconds 
 WAIT 0.1 
 'waits 100 milliseconds 
 textbox1.Text = ""