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When I first started to program on a computer I used the Basic interpreter on the C64. Then I moved to MS Dos and GWBasic/Qbasic. The next step was Visual Basic 3. At the same time the Internet came into use. So I put all my mini VB programs on the Internet. This was very helpful for me and others.

After lots of bluescreens the divorce from MS was done in 2002. Linux and KDE were my new favourites and they still are.

But what I always missed was VB for Linux and KDE. My old brain could not get used to C++ or Java. At Christmas time in 2003 I discovered Gambas built by Mr. Minisini and friends. It was a hit from the beginning. So I started converting all my mini VB programs to Gambas. ( So called Minisinis)

I think Gambas will be very successful. To promote it, I will put all my mini programs here under GNU as a wikibook.

Everyone is invited to improve my bad English and to improve this Wikibook.

rho in January 2005 de:Benutzer:Rho