Galician/Lesson 2/Introducing yourself

Galicians have fame of being reserved and cold mood, but far from popular misconceptions, Galician people are very warm and talkative, once the initial ice is melt. They like to talk about the weather (not always on their liking) about the marvelous of their land and what is worth to see and visit and if that fails, of course about their region food would be an eloquent enough topic.

To start a conversation most of the time is enough with a

Ola, bos dias / Boa tarde / Boas! = Hello, good morning / good afternoon(/evening) / (Reduction of previous forms valid for any occasion)

which, depending on the skills and enthusiasm of the saluter, it will be answered with:

Boas / Bo dia (, qué se lle ofrece?) / e ti/vostede de onde ven sendo? = Good day (, what can i do for you?) / (may I know) where are you come from?