Galician/Lesson 1/Alphabet

The Galician alphabet has 23 letters as well as 6 digraphs.

Let's see a list of the 23 letters:

Letter Name of the letter IPA Pronunciation Sound compared to English Example Example translation
A a a [a] a as in father amor love
B b be [b] as in bee beber to drink
C c ce before e and i [θ], everywhere else [k] as in thin, as in account cea, casa dinner, house
D d de [d] as in dance dedo, deda finger, toe
E e e [e], [ɛ] as in met peto pocket
F f efe [f] as in fan feliz happy
G g gue [g] as in get gañar earn
H h hache ('agá' before new RAG rules in 2003) [ʔ] silent home man
I i i [i] as in see igual equal
L l ele [l] as in light lugar place
M m eme [m] as in mat mundo world
N n ene [n] as in nine nadar swim
Ñ ñ eñe [ɲ] as in venue raíña queen
O o o [o], [ɔ] as in boat or as in lot todo all
P p pe [p] as in pot por for
Q q que [k] as in cat que what
R r erre [ɾ], [r] no English equivalent rato mouse
S s ese [s͇] a slightly softer 'sh' sound menos less
T t te [t] as in tail tempo time
U u u [u] as in do lugar place
V v uve [b] as in bone verdade truth
X x xe [ʃ], [ks͇] as in leash xantar lunch
Z z zeta [θ] as in thunder razón reason

The letters j (iota), k (ca), w (uve dobre), and y (i grego) don’t appear in native Galician words and aren’t an official part of the Galician alphabet, with the exception of loan words such as walkie-talkie, jazz or yiddish.