GStreamer/Introduction/Programs Using GStreamer

This is a short list of programs that use GStreamer, with a description of each program.

Rhythmbox edit

Rythmbox is a music player and organizer. By using GStreamer, it can play any format of music that you have a GStreamer plugin for. It uses Sound-Juicer (below) to rip CDs, and also imports files and folders, reading song information from tags.

Sound-Juicer edit

Sound-Juicer is a program that uses GStreamer to rip CDs to FLAC, OGG, MP3, WAV, and other formats.

Whaawmp edit

Whaawmp is a Gtk+ media player, similar to totem, written in python.

Clementine edit

Clementine is a Qt4-based audio player similar to Amarok 1.4.