GNU Health/Patient Evaluations

Introduction to Evaluations

How to open the list of evaluations for a specific patient

By using GNU Health, the physicians have the possibility to open and make an Evaluation from the Patient window. This evaluation can be linked to an existing Appointment or just creating a new one.

Evaluations History

The Evaluations history in GNU Health

From the Patients form you can switch to the Evaluations history of a given patient by clicking on the Relate button in the toolbar. The system allows to print the report with all the patient information, which is very important when a doctor needs to see the overall situation of the patient.

Evaluations Form

The evaluations form in GNU Health

The doctor has different tabs that will help him collect information during the evaluation process. The idea is to gather as much information as possible, this will allow the physician to have a better idea about the patient and to give a presumptive diagnosis in order to get to a final one and start the right treatment.

Main Info Tab


In this section we can link the evaluation to an existing previous appointment or just start a new one. The doctor can input the patient complaints and/or present/existing symptoms or illness.

Clinical Tab


The doctor will gather all the vital signs (temperature, blood pressure …), anthropometry info and signs and symptoms encountered during the evaluation.

Mental Status Tab


The physician can make a quick Glasgow Coma Scale when it's necessary.

Diagnosis Tab


Finally the physician can make a presumptive diagnosis and input more info about it as well as treatment plan.

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