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Translating GNU Health edit

The language of the GNU Health user interface is controlled through gettext language packs.

Language packs are are managed, stored and distributed through an online translation platform. This makes maintaining translations easier and faster, and it makes your GNU Health installation leaner, since it contains only the languages needed by your health institution.

The official GNU Health translation portal is now hosted at Weblate

There is a mailing list for all translation related discussions at . If you are a GNU Health translator, you should subscribe to this mailing list.

When translating GNU Health to your language, please start from the health module which contains the core of GNU Health.

Installation of Language Packs edit

We will go through an example on how to enable the Spanish language and to install the language pack. For this example, we will work on the demo database gnuhealth_demo_generic.

Step 1: Declare your language and make it translatable. This can be done in the Administration → Localization → Languages section.

Set the language as translatable

Remember the code of the language (in this case es).

Check language code

Step 2: Download and uncompress the language pack file for your language and for the specific resource from the translation server.
With the GNU Health administrator user (gnuhealth) execute the following commands .

Note : Substitute the language sample code (es) by your language.

./gnuhealth-control getlang es

This installs all the modules translation files for the Spanish Spain (es) language.

Step 3: Change your user preferences to your new language:

GNU Health user language preferences

Step 4: Log out and stop your GNU Health Tryton server (if it's running).

Step 5: Update your GNU Health instance with the command

 ./trytond-admin --all --database=gnuhealth_demo_generic

Step 6: Start your sever with the new language for your module installed.

Setting the User Language edit

Please remember that the language is a user preference. In the same database, you can have different users using different languages.

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