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Translating GNU HealthEdit

To contribute to the translation of the GNU Health software, please proceed as follows:

  1. Join the GNU Health translation team for your country or region at Transifex.
  2. Translate the terms for each module. Please start from the health module which contains the core of GNU Health.

About TransifexEdit

Since GNU Health version 1.6.3, all translations are managed and stored on the Transifex platform. The translation files are not included in the source files anymore. This improves the translation quality, and it makes your GNU Health installation leaner, since it contains only the languages needed by your health institution.

Transifex optimizes collaborative translation: Many translators can work simultaneously on a specific module. This makes the translations process faster and the quality control easier.

Installation of Language PacksEdit

We will go through an example on how to enable the Spanish language and to install the language pack for the module ICD-10 for it. For this example, we will work on the health_icd10 module and the demo database gnuhealth_demo_generic.

Step 1: Declare your language in Tryton and make it translatable. This can be done in the Administration → Localization → Languages section.

Set the language as translatable

Remember the code of the language (in this case es_ES).

Check language code

Step 2: Download the translation file for your language and for the specific resource from Transifex.

Download the GNU Health module language file for the resource at Transifex

Place the file under the locale/ directory of your module, with the name matching the language code. In this example, the file name would be es_ES.po for the Spanish language.

Step 3: Change your user preferences to your new language and timezone:

GNU Health user language preferences

Step 4: Log out and stop your Tryton server (if it's running).

Step 5: Update your module with the following command:

 ./trytond --update=health_icd10 --database=gnuhealth_demo_generic

Step 6: Start your sever with the new language for your module installed.

Setting the User LanguageEdit

Please remember that the language is a user preference. In the same database, you can have different users using different languages.

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