GNU Health/Command Line

This section applies to version 3.4 of GNU Health.

Description edit

GNU Health command line PAT and the federation account of the patient as argument, using the full screen with no menu

Since GNU Health 3.4, the HMIS client allows to use most of the functionality from the command line, without the need of the menu. It's much faster and direct than the previous menu-based client. Of course, the menu is still available.

Most commands accept arguments, so the user can go directly to one specific instance of the resource. For example

PAT : list all the people registered on the system

PAT ESPGNU777ORG : takes directly to the patient with federation account "ESPGNU777ORG"

Accessing the command line edit

The command line can be accessed by clicking on the Command Line box (either at the top or bottom left of the client).

Clicking SHIFT + Z will put the focus on the Command Line Interface section.

Main GNU Health Commands
Command Description
CMD GNU Health Commands
PPL Demographics
PAT Patients
SYSINFO Technical information for client and server
LAB Lab Test Results
FEDQ Federation objects queue
MED Patient Medicaments
APP Appointments
SES Socioeconomics and Family Functionality Assessment
DU Domiciliary Units
HP Health Professionals
RX Prescription Orders
EVL Patient Evaluations
ECG Electrocardiograms
RCRI Revised Cardiac Risk Index
DX Health Conditions
POL Pages of Life
GEN Personal Genetic Info
NEO Newborn / Neonatal Information
OBS Obstetric histories
SRV Patient Health Services
SUR Surgeries
MI Medical Imaging Results
INV Invoices
PRD Products
CMD GNU Health Commands
GDIS Disease Genes
VAR Natural variant phenotypes
VARP Natural variant phenotypes
PDIS Protein related diseases

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