GLPK/Windows IDEs

This page lists integrated development environments (IDEs) for Windows and similar.

Windows IDEsEdit

There are two integrated development environments for Windows systems:

A July 2011 posting reports that GLPK Lab is defunct and that Gusek should be used instead.


Gusek is an open source LP/MIP IDE for GLPK. The package has been developed and tested on 32-bit Windows systems.[1] Gusek packs a custom version of the SciTE editor linked to the prebuilt GLPK for Windows standalone solver. Models can be developed in the GLPK modeling language (known variously as GMPL and the GNU MathProg language) and also using the MPS, CPLEX LP, and GLPK LP/MIP problem formats. You can edit and run models, check errors, and convert between these formats. GLPK examples and some Gusek tips can be found within the package.

Information about latest version of GLPK embeded on Gusek can be found on changelog. Instructions to build Gusek and/or update the GLPK solver can be found here.

Microsoft Excel integrationEdit

SolverStudio and OpenSolverEdit

Microsoft Excel is a proprietary spreadsheet program. The Department of Engineering Science, Auckland University, New Zealand has two ongoing projects which use Excel as an interface to a free and open source (FOSS) optimization modeling environment and to a FOSS optimization solver:

SolverStudio supports the GNU MathProg language (GMPL) and several other mathematical programming languages. OpenSolver does not use GLPK, but rather provides a bridge to the COIN-OR Cbc optimization engine. More details can be found on the excellent websites listed above.


It is an XLL addin available on github. It targets one model per workbook and offers a scenario comparison tool.


  1. The Win32 protocol is supported by 64-bit Windows and you may find that the pre-built Gusek binaries will run natively on 64-bit Windows systems. The fallback would be to build Gusek yourself from source and link it to a 64-bit version of GLPK.