The Basics edit

Default scissors tool settings.

  Shortcut: I

Scissors is an interesting selection tool. It has some features of lasso, some features of paths tool and some of its own. It is useful for selecting a region defined by strong colour changes at the edges. To use scissors, you need to create a set of 'control nodes' (also referred to as anchors), at the edges of the region you are willing to select. The tool creates a curve through these nodes, following any high-contrast it can find. Each time you press left mouse button, you create a new anchor that is connected to the last control node by a curve. If you want to finish the selection, just press on the first node you've created. After that you can adjust the selection by modifying the curves or by moving/creating new nodes. When you are satisfied just press anywhere inside of the selection to create it.

  • Modes - determines the way of creating the selection, whether it'll be combined with existing one and such
  • Antialiasing - causes the boundary of the selection to be drawn smoother
  • Feather edge - causes the boundary of the selection to be blurred
  • Interactive boundary - the curves will be created instantly after creating a new node

Modes, Antialiasing and Feather Edges edit

See Selection Tools#Modes for information about Modes
See Selection Tools#Antialiasing for information Antialiasing
See Selection Tools#Feather Edges for information about Feather Edges option

Interactive boundary edit

When this option is active, the curves between nodes will be really curves. Normally (when the option is disabled) there will be only straight lines until you finish the selection.

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