GENtle 2/Plugins

Name of Plug-in: IDT OligoAnalyzer Synbiota Plugin

Authors: Fitzgerald Steele, Jr., Integrated DNA Technologies

What does the plugin do?

View oligo sequence Tm, Extinction Coefficient, Weight. Perform self-dimer analysis from Synbiota GENtle2. Of course, you can order the sequence from IDT.

Install it into GENTle2 like any other plugin (from the plugin menu). You can get it from the GitHub link:

Highlight a sequence you want to anaylyze (up to 256 bases), then click Sequence > IDT OligoAnalyzer. The plugin uses IDT's OligoAnalyzer web service to show you:

  • Length
  • Melting Temparature
  • Extinction Coefficient
  • GC% Content
  • nmole/OD260
  • ug/OD260
  • Molecular Weight
  • Self Dimer Analysis

We made some assumptions on the experimental conditions (0.25uM concentration, 50mM Na+ concentration, etc). Click the "Open in OligoAnalyzer" button to see even more detail, and customize the parameters to meet your experiment needs.

Of course, you can add it to your IDT shopping cart by clicking "Order Oligos".

How does the plugin do it?

Makes use of the IDT OligoAnalyzer web service

Current issues: Seems like the highlight animation is being triggered multiple times at the end of the ajax call.