GENtle/Feature requests

Requested Features:

  • Import of Vector NTI Database/Data
  • Export of Map as Vector Graphic
  • Edit and move around Plasmid Map Layout
  • Allow storage in database of complete sequencing files (if space is a concern maybe an upper limit of 2 sequences for each clone would suffice)
  • Add sections in the database to allow record of box storage position of clone's DNA, glycerol stock, primers
  • Allow closing of files with Ctrl-W
  • Clicking a region in the vector map should take the cursor to that region in the sequence viewer.
  • Tm and palindromic sequences should show for primers
  • The database should be searchable for a protein/nucleotide sequence
  • Feature names should be maintained when inverted during ligation
  • Selection should be able to be copied as reverse complementary
  • "Klenow-filling" should include removal of 3'-overhangs
  • Virtual gel for any DNA sequence