GCSE Science/Introduction


This book is intended to cover science as taught in schools to 14 - 16 year old pupils. It is called GCSE science because the first draft is intended to cover the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) standard as taught in schools in the UK, but generally in Scotland. Having said that if you are not in the UK and wish to include material to bring it up to another similar standard feel free to do so. (Note: It would be appreciated if you could use the British way of spelling words (e.g. colour)!

Additional resourcesEdit

There will be teacher notes added in time with worksheets, experiments and additional questions. There will also be a study help desk set up so that students can ask questions.

Contributing to this bookEdit

If you spot any errors in the texts, just go ahead and edit them out (click the link that says edit this page and start typing). If you wish to help writing any of the modules, either click on any red module and start typing, or if you need help drop me a line on my talk page Theresa knott


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