GCSE ICT/ICT in Schools

Schools use ICT for:



Schools have to keep information about all the pupils and staff. The Schooltool project is developing an open source solution for this problem and has a detailed analysis of what is needed in all sorts of schools. Proprietary solutions include CCM's product CMIS and Capita's SIMS. Schools need to store information on:

  • Individual Pupils:
    • Name
    • Name and Addresses of parent(s) and/or guardian(s)
    • Subjects that a pupil is doing
    • Past Examination Results
    • Photographs
    • Attendance records
  • Groups of Pupils:
    • Teaching Groups
    • Pastoral Groups
    • Clubs, Societies, Teams, etc.
    • Previous pupils of the school
  • Teachers
    • Names and addresses
    • Groups they teach
    • Salary information

A subject and a teaching tool


Schools also teach ICT and/or computing as a subject and often have networks for pupils to store their work on and to access eductional resources. The types of applications that the pupils will use will include:

  • Standard Office Tools
    • Word Processors
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentation Graphics
    • Database Management Systems
  • Specific Teaching Tools
    • Circuit Simulators
    • Mathematical models of specific systems (e.g. prey/predator relationships)
    • Drill programs
  • Information Resources

These would include both specific and general resources.