GAMSAT Guide/On the day

Get someone to drive you there and pick you up on the day. Take along a healthy lunch. No greasy foods as they will slow you down in section three.

1. Bring a jumper just in case. Even if it's 30 degrees plus outside, the air-conditioning can be very cold.

2. Moderate amounts of caffeine can boost cognitive performance, meaning 2-3 cups at most on GAMSAT morning.

3. Get enough sleep! Finish all revision 1 week before GAMSAT so the last week is spent doing practice tests.

4. Remember your pencils and invest in a good pen for section 2.

5. Arrive early - nothing is more stressful than worrying about being on time.

6. Pack a nice morning tea and good lunch so you have something to look forward to. Include lots of low GI food for long-lasting energy. Good examples are: Chicken and salad sandwich on multigrain bread, yogurt, fruit and tuna.

7. DO NOT nap in the afternoon in the weeks/days leading up to the exam. It is not good for your body to expect a nap at 3 in the afternoon - because you will be doing S3.

8. Bring water in a clear bottle (label removed)