GAMSAT Guide/Introduction

The GAMSAT is a tough exam - a lot is required from the student and preparing for it can be quite a nightmare. In this text, we hope to draw together various sources already available within wikipedia and adapt them so they can fit in with the needs of the worried student actively trying to remember the difference between methane and ethanol.

When is the GAMSAT?Edit


The exam in the UK takes place only once a year, usually around September. If you're ill or miss your train or sleep in, you’ll need to wait for the next year, or look into taking it in Ireland. The grade for the GAMSAT tends to be valid for 2 years so that you can sit in advance of the year you want to enter.


The first exam is held in March, with registrations closing in mid-February. The GAMSAT is held twice a year, the second sitting is in September. Your score is valid for 2 years.


The exam is held in March, with registrations closing in mid-February. The GAMSAT is held only once a year and your score will be valid for 2 years

Exam structureEdit

The exam is subdivided into three distinct sections:

Section I Reasoning in Humanities and Social SciencesEdit

This comprises 75 Questions that focus on your ability to understand and interpret meaning from passages of text. You have 100 minutes to complete this section.

Section II Written CommunicationEdit

One hour to write two essays based on one or more of the quotes presented. There are five quotes from famous or historical figures based on a theme, such as morality, crime and punishment, etc. The first essay will deal with social or cultural issues, whilst the second essay will deal with more personal issues.

Section III ScienceEdit

The important part - this spans Biology, Physics but mostly Chemistry (with an emphasis on Organic chemistry). You get 2 hours 50 minutes to complete 110 questions - that's a little like one a half minutes per question - not easy, so I think the best option is to use the reading time to flick through the exam and see what there is that you can easily do and what you really can't do. Start with the easiest stuff then as your time runs out, head for the harder stuff. As wrong answers are not downgraded, be sure to answer every question (even if you have to guess some) - there's a 25% chance of you getting it right!

Courses using the GAMSATEdit


Currently there are five universities (St George's, Nottingham, Swansea, Cardiff, and Liverpool) using the GAMSAT for entry onto the Graduate Course (4 years) and one (Peninsula) using it for the Graduate entry onto the 5 year course (i.e. standard undergraduate course).


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