Future Teachers Meet Wiki/How will you use Wiki as a teacher?

Denise Wilson edit

As a teacher I would use Wikibooks to excite my students. I know that I would use it in any of my high school English classes;however, middle school is another thing. I want to make sure that my students are mature enough to handle the work that will go into making a book together. I'm observing in a 7th grade English class right now and I don't know if they would want to do it. They groan about having to read novels that are no more than 180 pages so I can all image what that will say about having to post their work somewhere else.

Now in my high school classes I'll require for the students to analyze a short story or poem and write a paper. After grading the papers I'll give them a chance to correct them and fix them up before requiring them to post in Wikibooks. That way anyone else who maybe writing a paper or researching on a specific poem or short story can use the information they have written to support something that they want to put into their own paper.

Denise Wilson