Fundamentals of Transportation/Trip Generation/Problem

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Planners have estimated the following models for the AM Peak Hour

T_i = 1.5*H_i

T_j = (1.5*E_{off,j}) + (1*E_{oth,j}) + (0.5*E_{ret,j}) 


T_i\,\! = Person Trips Originating in Zone i\,\!

T_j\,\! = Person Trips Destined for Zone j\,\!

H_i\,\! = Number of Households in Zone i\,\!

You are also given the following data

Variable Dakotopolis New Fargo
H 10000 15000
E_{off} 8000 10000
E_{oth} 3000 5000
E_{ret} 2000 1500

A. What are the number of person trips originating in and destined for each city?

B. Normalize the number of person trips so that the number of person trip origins = the number of person trip destinations. Assume the model for person trip origins is more accurate.