Fundamentals of Transportation/Route Choice/Problem

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Given a flow of six (6) units from origin “o” to destination “r”. Flow on each route ab is designated with Qab in the Time Function. Apply Wardrop's Network Equilibrium Principle (Users Equalize Travel Times on all used routes)

A. What is the flow and travel time on each link? (complete the table below) for Network A

Link Attributes
Link Link Performance Function Flow Time
o-p C_{op} = 5 *Q_{op}
p-r C_{pr} = 25 + Q_{pr}
o-q C_{oq} = 20 + 2*Q_{oq}
q-r C_{qr} = 5 *Q_{qr}

B. What is the system optimal assignment?

C. What is the Price of Anarchy?