Fundamentals of Human Nutrition/Introduction to Nutrition

Introduction to NutritionEdit

In this text, we will learn how nutrients drive growth and development as well as helping maintain health. We will review the concept of malnutrition and how unbalanced nutrition leads to primary and secondary malnutrition. Specifically we will review the basics of poor nutrition in relation to insufficient and excess macronutrient intake, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, over-elimination of nutrients, restrictive diets, digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, chronic disease, genetic mutations, stage of life changes, and other special concerns.

1. Nutrition Basics

You Are What You EatEdit

Defining NutritionEdit

      1. Malnutrition
      2. Macronutrient basics
      3. Micronutrient basics
  1. Nutritional Science
    1. Nutrition Research
  2. History of Vitamins and Minerals
    1. Early epidemiological findings
      1. Disease theories
      2. Food cures
    2. Barriers to discovery
    3. Economics of nutritional deficiency
    4. Discovery of vitamins
      1. Key researchers
      2. Identification
      3. Isolation