Fundamentals of C Programming/Preface

This manual was developed specifically for freshmen students taking up their first course in programming, but people who are interested in learning C are also welcome to study it. Its aim is to supplement classroom lectures by focusing on C programming. Topics are arranged based on the order of class discussion.

Aside from changes in programming language and presentation, additional sections have been included. Some frequently asked questions and common programming errors are listed at the end of the chapter.

Only a subset of the ANSI C language is tackled here. Specifically, it is assumed that the student will be working under the Linux environment and programming using GNU C (which supports ANSI C)or the Borland Turbo C/C++ compiler under the Windows environment. Coding standards to be followed, as well as some pointers when programming using the Linux environment, are also included.

May you learn a lot from the study of this manual, and may the knowledge that you have gained be used for the common good of all people.

Sincerely yours,