Fundamentals of C Programming/Lessons/The Making of an Art

Art in the MakingEdit

The impact of the digital computer in the twentieth century is so great that the computer has become a vital component in our society. It has practically touched every aspect of our lives. it helps us in our business transactions, keeps track of products' inventories, diagnoses heart conditions, recognizes speech patterns, and provides entertainment through games, among a hundred other applications. Its impact is so great that it has revolutionized our society and made us re-examine certain basic assumptions about our own role in the universe. Computers have evolved from a scientific curiosity to an indispensable tool in virtually all areas of our lives.

However true it is that computers can solve problems efficiently and accurately and how sophisticated it can be, it still cannot think for itself—it cannot solve problems on its own. It is the human being who understands, thinks and solves problems on its own and who gives correct instruction that directs the computer to solve problems. The set or list of instructions that directs the computer on its operations is called a computer program. The person who develops a program is called a programmer. The act of developing a program is called programming.

Computer programming is not just plainly listing down lengthy steps to be communicated to the computer. It is not a matter of "just write anything and make it run". The programmer must learn to put his logic and his creativity to make his work a masterpiece. Computer programming needs to be an art!