Fujitsu Siemens Loox 720

On 1 September 2004 Fujitsu Siemens released the Pocket Loox 720. One of the new generation of VGA PocketPCs, it ran Windows Mobile 2003 SE and featured:

Specifications Edit

Loox 720

Related Models Edit

The Pocket Loox 720 was released alongside the mid-range Pocket Loox 710, which contains most of the advanced features of the 720 but with slightly lower specifications.

In January 2005 the Pocket Loox 718, the 3rd member of the 7xx series, was released. Apart from the lack of a built-in camera, it is identical to the Pocket Loox 720.

Community Edit

An active community grew around this device, mainly in the forums of where multiple further discoveries and enhancements of the device's capabilities took place e.g. discovery of Audio out via the cradle, Audio in via the headphone socket, and independent activation of the VoIP speaker.

Getting the most from your Loox Edit

In most cases getting the best from your device will require installed additional software, which is usually downloadable from the Internet. To install this software you will usually need to double-click on the downloaded file on your desktop computer while your handheld device is in the cradle. If your downloaded file however ends in .cab you will need to copy this file to your handheld device (most simply by placing it in your "Synchronised Files" folder) and click on it on your PocketPC using Explorer.

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