From Lamer to Hacker/Windows

  • Computer do test POST for BIOS.
  • Read setting the boot order from BIOS (eg. CD/DVD, pendrive, PXE)
  • Accessing the disk
  • Launch Ntldr
  • Load system files
  • Switch Processor on 32-bit
  • Read the file system (FAT, NTFS)
  • 'Read boot.ini'
  • Loading the kernel (hal.exe)
  • Read information from the Windows Registry
  • Kernel runs smss.exe
  • Establishment of environmental variables
  • Activate graphics mode (icons, desktop)
  • Activation of the login manager (winlogon.exe)
  • Launching file services.exe
    • ... Lsass.exe
  • 'possibility to enter your login credentials'
    • ... And verification of data
  • 'Start programs starting with the system.'