From Lamer to Hacker/Introduce

No, no, this is not another article where he talks about the hacking in a humorous way. Here you will find some useful information for this to be a hacker in the sense of the ability of information technology. A hacker should general know:

  • English, especially technical
  • A few programming languages (including the most popular as C++ and Python)
  • Operating systems, particularly Linux (good to start with might be Linux Mint).
  • And of course the Internet.

It is also worth noting that a good IT specialist is able to use the right tools for specific tasks. Sam I use vi / emacs / visual studio / ms-word. When you do something in five minutes, because it is a failure / backup / whatever, you do not have time to think through what you do but you do. How do I console to replace the old Unix complicated piece of text to another in many places in many files - I use emacs, as I quickly edit the configuration file, or analyze the data in xml, or how no emacs - I use vi. How do I deal with xmlem on Windows, then I use internet explorer, notepad ++, or Visual Studio - ideally does preety print and checks the syntax without any additional plug-ins. How do I make an outline - again emacs - org-mode, I want to use the shell is simply I use it - or bash, or Powershell, or csh. Gone are the days when there were two editors plus a third unused. More and more software is no alternative better or worse in specific tasks. Much more important than perfect knowledge of one of them is the knowledge of at least the functionality of others to quickly whenever you need them to be able to use. From that depend on earnings (considerable), some of this depends also on family life. It's fun to be closed in a secure integrated environment right? I like it too, but unfortunately the reality it seeks in a completely different direction. Diversity and inconsistencies. Good computer specialist knows in this chaos move freely. Is it a Mac or on Linux or on the elevator ... To win the one who is able to quickly adapt. Nowadays they decide seconds. Personally, I like eg. Vim, but that did not hate I also use other tools as needed.