Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 81

Chapter 81

Evelyn is visiting Mrs. Threadgoode in the Rose Terrace Nursing home on July 28, 1986. She has gained back all the weight she lost and eight pounds over. They are eating a five-pound box of fudge. Mrs. Threadgoode is commenting about how rude people have become. She tells Evelyn that Mrs. Otis offered a colored boy in the supermarket parking lot a nickel to carry her groceries to her car, but he just gave her a mean look and walked away. Ninny talks about the black people on television and tells Evelyn that Sipsey would have had Big George's hide if he had spoken like they did. She tells Evelyn it's not just the colored people, but white people are rude now too. Ninny only watches religious programming now. She thinks all the bad news is what is causing people to change.

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