Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 67

Chapter 67

On December 21, 1930, Curtis Smoote, the officer from Georgia comes to see Idgie. He tells her he remembers her from the barbershop and that she threatened to kill Frank. He also tells her that a man from the Bennett place in Valdosta told him Idgie went there to get Ruth and that George threatened him with a knife. He tells her that the girl with Frank's illegitimate child is his daughter, so there is no love lost. However, he is sworn to uphold the law and will do so. The best thing, he tells her, would be if Frank and his belongings were never found. If he is found near Whistle Stop, Smoote will have to come arrest Idgie and Big George.


Curtis Smoote is the grandfather of Frank's illegitimate child. His daughter has been a victim of Frank's abuse, so he can sympathize with Ruth. However, he feels it is his duty to uphold the law & therefore must do his part to find Frank. He does however tell her, somewhat indirectly, to make sure that she & Big George to make sure that nothing of Frank's is found.

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