Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 54

Chapter 54

On April 28, 1926, Idgie visits Ruth. She asks Ruth's mother to tell her that it is the bee charmer from Alabama. When Ruth comes down she asks Idgie what she is doing here & Idgie tells her that she has been coming by every month for the two and a half years since Ruth left. Idgie tells Ruth she doesn't hate her and never did. She still loves Ruth and is now grown, so she won't be changing her mind. Idgie then gets in her car and leaves. When Frank asks Ruth who she is, Ruth says she is just someone Ruth used to know.


The theme of love is seen again in this chapter. Idgie has been driving to Georgia monthly to check on Ruth since her marriage to Frank. She loves Ruth and wants to make sure she is happy and safe. She doesn't intend on seeing Ruth, but finds herself at the door. Ruth feels the same; she has thought of Idgie every day since they parted. Frank chose Ruth because he thought she was untouched. Little does he know that Ruth has fallen in love with another person & that love is as stronger then ever.

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