Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 49

Chapter 49

In Valdosta, Georgia on November 1, 1924, Idgie sits outside the church. It is the day of Ruth and Frank's wedding. Idgie arrives at seven o'clock and watches the church all day. She sees Ruth and her mother and reflects to herself that Ruth looks as beautiful in her wedding gown as she thought she would. Soon after that she sees Frank and his brother enter the church and, once the church is full, the doors close and Idgie's heart sinks. While the bride and groom recite their vows, Idgie sits outside and blows the horn, enraged at what is happening but unable to do anything else. Soon after that Ruth and Frank leave the church and drive off to their honeymoon, but just as they are about to turn the corner Idgie blows the horn one last time but Ruth does not look in time and does not see her.


The theme of love is seen in this chapter. Idgie is in love with Ruth. Time and distance have not changed this. She acts like a person in love when that person has been left behind. She can't let go of Ruth. Ruth is the first person Idgie has loved since her brother's death. Losing the two people she loved most is too much for Idgie to bear. She tries to dull her pain by getting drunk and ends up getting sick on her way home, needing to pull over and throw up on her way home.

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